Updates on the Violent Attack to Huang & Dagongzhe Centre

Updates on the Violent Attack to HuangDagongzhe Centre Relocated and Returns to Routine Operation

Half year after the horrible attacks to Huang Qing-nan and the Shenzhen Dagongzhe Migrant Worker Centre (hereafter DGZ Centre), which is the close partner of Worker Empowerment (hereafter WE), WE will be in full support to its programmes, and striving for a return to the track and sound protection to the grassroot NGOs in China, join hands with the Centre and workers.

The Arrested Five Suspects Had Not Yet be Prosuceted, Continuous Effort is Needed for an Equitable Sentence

Huang Qing-nan was clasified as “serious injury” after the appeal to the Judiciary Department in April. The lawyer expected the prosecution would be processed in May or June. However, Huang has yet received any notice. The attack to Huang and the DGZ Centre is a serious threat to the local grassroot labour NGOs in China, and we believe that an equitable sentence should be ordered, so as to send out a warning to any animosity towards labour groups and prevent any similar incident again. (from happening again) International concern and support is proved helpful and we will continuous to update the international civil society for the progress.

Furthermore, Huang’s occupational injury status is turned down. The Shenzhen Labour and Social Securities Department determines that his injury was out of the jurisdiction of the DGZ Centre’s registration. Huang will soon launch an administrative litigation to flight for a fair justisification.

WE, at the same time, has assisted Huang in seeking for medical opinion on any useful treatments to his leg in Hong Kong. However, according to the doctor and physiotherapist, any further operation will be too risky and not worthy to him. Instead of operation, Huang received a one-month rehabilitation treatment in Songhua, Guangzhou in late April.

“I am suffered from seriuos pressure!” the Landlord told

At the Mid-March 2008, the DGZ Centre was shocked by the notice of the Landlord, he told that the rent contract will not be continued after this term expired.. He told anxiously that, “I am suffered from serious pressure!” and refused to explain the reason behind clearly. After one month of negotiation, and seeking for help from local union, the Landlord insisted his decision. DGZ Centre, had no alternative, but forced to move.

In May, the DGZ Centre was relocated to another industrial area, and has been returning to normal. It opens daily with 10 hours of services, including labour dispute consultation and different kinds of services and activities to the workers. The target of the Centre and WE in the near future is to re-build the Centre toward a mission of a worker-run organization for the labour rights and dignity.

Recent Activities of DGZ Centre

On the other hand, the DGZ Centre and WE had conducted an action research on Labour Contract Law with questionnaires and indepth interviews of Shenzhen workers. It aims to reflect the actual situation and problems faced by the workers after the Law came to effective on 1 Jan 2008. The research report has been sent to the government bodies together with the response to the open consultation of Labour Contract Law Implementation Ordinance. The report was also sent to labour concerned organizations in Shenzhen and Hong Kong as well. English version will be released by WE in the near future, please contact Suzanne Wu by workerempowerment@gmail.com for details or if you want a report copy.